Alexander Ilyitch Tsehla

Head Doctor of the ‘Genesis’ Clinical Hospital


Welcome to our page!

I’m happy to greet you on the site of the largest private hospital in the Crimea!

We provide all kinds of modern medical service (checkup, treatment, surgery) which are in constant demand by domestic consumers.

We understand how important it is for you to get the best professional and highly qualified medical care and we do our best to meet your demands.

The above-mentioned services have allowed us to build up a high reputation not only amongst the population of the Crimea but also amongst the citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia. Patients from the USA and Western European countries (such as the United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and Portugal) have also received our medical care.

The reasons why you should choose the ‘Genesis’ Clinic:


  1. You place your health in the reliable hands of highly qualified specialists. You will be examined and treated with the aid of top quality modern medical equipment (Siemens, Olympus, Karl Ztorts, Johnson & Johnson, Phillips, Medtronic, Striker, General Electric, Dragger, Samsung, Richard Wolf, Myteck) by doctors trained in the finest Russian medical schools.
  2. You will receive the correct and necessary medical treatment based upon a diagnosis by our surgeons of your own particular illness or complaint. It means that the doctors of the ‘Genesis’ Clinic treat not a illness (according to the standards and protocols of the insurance companies) but a person, having identified a treatment specifically tailored to suit the patient’s needs.
  3. It is possible for a patient to undergo a full check up and receive medical treatment, including surgery, in just three to five days. This is possible because ‘Genesis’ embraces all fields of medical treatment and surgery, all of which can be done in one single hospital building.
  4. Patients have the opportunity to spend their rehabilitation period in one of the famous Crimean health centres where they may enjoy the natural and historical sights of the Crimea.
  5. Patients will be pleasantly surprised at our reasonable prices for such treatment, particularly given the high level of equipment and the quality of the medical services. Indeed, our prices compare favourably with those for similar treatments in the USA and Europe which are often ten times higher than those of the ‘Genesis’ Clinic.

The fields of our activities:











Thanks for your interest to our clinic!